The village

The village of Santo André is a small fishing village. The river flows into the Atlantic Ocean and  makes it a magical place. It is a meeting point for those who want to enjoy all the activities that Santo André offers, you can also enjoy the wonderful sunsets. Santo André was the city host of the world champion German national team in 2014 FIFA World Cup. Santo André is definetly a wonderful place to spend your holidays and to discover Bahia.

Safe harbor.
On April 22, 1500 Pedro Alvarez Cabral was the first Portuguese to have stepped on Brazilian soil.
Safe Harbor was founded in 1535 popularly recognized as the birthplace of Brazil and regarded as as one of the oldest cities in Brazil.
In Porto Seguro you have the charm of the small and colorful houses of Bahia and you can take a stroll along the alcoholic walkway with its innumerable bars and restaurants and many souvenir shops

The tropical and humid climate is one of the most pleasant in the world.
The average temperature is 20 degrees in winter y 25 in the summer. January and January february are the driest.